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This is a list of the experiments that are currently in the lab.  More are being added all the time.


Airtrack - speed and acceleration measurements

Airtrack - Newton’s Second Law

Boyle’s Law

Capacitance charge and discharge

Diffraction using a monochromatic laser

Inverse square law for Gamma radiation

Acceleration due to Gravity

Magnetic field of a coil

IV Characteristics - light bulb

Mechanical equivalent of heat

Magnetic field demonstrator

Millikan’s oil drop

IV Characteristics - diode

Millikan’s oil drop experiment




Planck’s constant using LEDs

Rutherford’s gold foil

Specific heat capacity of brass

Young’s modulus and Hooke’s law

Simple Pendulum SHM

Resistivity of constantan

Resistivity of constantin

Magnetic Flux

Magnetic flux and force on current carrying wire

Planck's constantRutherford's gold foilYoung’s modulus and Hooke’s lawSpecific heat of brassAirtrackNewton2BoylesLawCapacitorsDiffractionInverse square law for Gamma RadiationGravityMomentumCharles's law

Charles’s law

Mechanical equivalent of heatIV characteristics of a light bulbIV characteristics of a DiodeMagnetic field line demonstratorSimple Pendulum SHMMass-spring system

Mass-spring system

Magnetic flux linkage

Magnetic Flux LinkageInternal Resistance

Internal Resistance

Magnetic field due to a coil