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 Practice  for actual practicals, revise experiments, familiarize students with equipment  and techniques all in the safety of a virtual laboratory.

Virtual Science Experiments

Iinteractive and multimedia resources for teaching Computing Science and IT including the TOM Computer Simulator and programming courses from beginner to advanced.

TOM Computing

Uses a games approach to familiarise the  students with the basics of Crime Scene Investigation.  Don your protection suit, grab your kit and get investigating our own murder scene.

CSI School

A calculator that uses dimensional analysis to calculate with units as well as numbers.  A perfect tool for supporting science teaching.


Virtual Science Experiments TOM CSI School uCalc

From Galileo’s first observation of Juptier to Radio Astronomy and Galaxies, take yourself on a journey rich in Science and discovery.

Multimedia Astronomy

Astronomy Multimedia Guide

A modern Windows implementation of the standard Edingburgh syntax.  With a huge amount of teaching material which also includes the Open University’s Micro Interprester for Knowledge Engineering.