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The Keylink interpreters conform to the standard Prolog syntax and have a fully integrated Windows interface. There's full help, drag and drop, menus and task bar for frequently used functions.  This runs on all the 32bit Windows Operating Systems and Windows 7 64 bit.

Keylink Prolog will run MIKE, the Open University's Micro Interpreter for Knowledge Engineering. MIKE Version 1.5 is in the Public Domain and is an excellent Expert System teaching tool. The multimedia guide contains a chapter on the use of MIKE.

The Prolog programming language has been with us since the mid 1970s, and it is now the major Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Expert Systems programming language. It is declarative in style rather than procedural, as with conventional high-level languages. This frees the  programmer from the constraints of thinking about how the problem is to be solved, and allows him instead to concentrate on simply describing the problem:  the problem-solving algorithm is determined by Prolog at run-time. Its syntax is remarkably simple and easy to learn, as are its basic problem-solving mechanisms, which include pattern-matching and automatic backtracking. Despite this, its power will surprise anyone used to programming in conventional third generation high-level languages.

The Keylink Prolog interpreters have been produced to fill an existing need in Education. Keylink Prolog is already in widespread use throughout Scotland for teaching Standard and Higher Grade computing and more recently has become relevant to some of the English Computing A' level courses. Recently we have added a comprehensive multimedia guide to Keylink Prolog which contains many animations and movies.