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 A safe and easy to use simulator that gives in-depth knowledge of how the modern computer works.  Programmed by the student by mouse clicks.

The TOM Simulator


 A File Systems and Database course that uses Access to teach design and SQL querying.  From direct and sequential access files to relational databases and normalization.



 How the modern OS has evolved from early systems giving a rare insight into the motivation behind the modern OS.  Sections on file systems and GUI.

Operating Systems

Operating Systems

 C# programming and standards.  Drag and Drop programming using App Inventor and Games programming using Unity.  A range of multimedia material for teaching programming at all levels.


Programming and standards

 From modems to the internet, this course provides a hands-on interactive experience of network essentials.  See your own packets of data travel across the network and collide.



 A 32 bit Windows implementation that follows the standard syntax.  Give your students a deeper understanding of logic.  Develop forward and backward chaining expert systems.

Prolog & Expert Systems


 Interactive simulations of how various hardware devices work including the data transmission.  Shows how interrupts, buffering and streaming work in the context of these various hardware devices.



TOM is a set of  resources for teaching serious Computer Science.  Furthermore, these  materials are inspiring. You can have the entire class successfully programming  with the TOM Simulator from day one. This is because they can see the entire  machine and how it works. All of the machine’s memory is right there in front of  them.  The Programming Courses cover drag and drop style, C# Visual Studio and even Games programming.   This is a wide ranging set of materials and software tools that covers the new contents of the Key Stage 3 and 4 syllabuses and goes right up to A’ level.

This is real education,  deep stuff. It’s authorative, accurate, entertaining, non-threatening and  yet informative. I don’t want to give it back. Parents & Computing   review on the TOM Simulator.

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Key stage 3

Pupils should be taught to:

Key stage 4

All pupils should be taught to:

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